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Sofrance offers to any organization to externalize, delegate some technical activities for the organization of an event. Sofrance is able to handle different types of service, helping you to make this experience, for both parties a success: spotting, suppliers’ selection, budget negotiation, technical coordination and management.


Whether it is for a restaurant, a hotel, a show or seminar room or an event center, we can visit the location in order to discover the area, test products and services, to provide you with a detailed report, feedbacks and advices to match and answer your expectations.

Suppliers selection process

Thanks to a local presence and experience of business for several years, we can select for you the suppliers matching your expectations whether it is after a preselecting step or among our long-time collaboration partners. We can select any kind of suppliers from caterer, designer… to technical service provider (audiovisual, software, stall…)

Budget negotiation

Once the service provider is selected, we can negotiate the budget for you. Being able to deal with the provider face to face and on the spot is a real advantage; moreover we can overcome the cultural barriers. We are able to manage payment process, and negotiate this last in accordance with your decisions. We can also manage the legal issues concerning the engagement in collaboration with local legal institutions.

Coordination and technical control

We make the link between you and your suppliers: we can either manage the operations from A to Z or manage a single (or multiple) facet of the process, depending on your needs, wishes, and expectations. Our team knows how to adapt and work hand in hand with your staff.