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Digital Marketing

Digital Identity And e-Reputation

We provide you with our experience in new Media and Internet technologies which will allow you to build a digital identity and maintain a dialog between your company and its audiences. We help you optimizing your presence on the web through strategies of websites, social network, RSS (Rich Site Summary), newsletters or Web diffusion.


In a constantly shifting world, digital technologies have become essential for companies’ visibility. The first step is the creation of a digital identity, the natural perception that we have of your company on Internet. It reflects the whole elements (texts, pictures, videos…) associated with your company on Internet, related with their context of respective publications (date, source, volume…). Your company’s values ensue from this digital identity in the mind of Internet users. Moreover, thanks to our skills panel in Internet creation and development, we guarantee a dynamic presence (connectors to social networks, emailing and text messages) and fitted onto the different platforms (Internet and mobile websites, smartphone and tablet’s applications).


You want to maintain a close relationship with your audience? Sofrance will be the intermediary through its bilingual team connected to social networks.Facebook, Twitter and Co are indispensible communication platforms before, during and after your events, but also to convey the intrinsic values of your company’s digital identity.

Sofrance commits to provide an optimal presence, direct and fast exchanges, an integral transparency and a follow-up of all your events through the social media. We are your community manager.


Social media management is at the core of our strategy to support all your events. In just a few clicks Sofrance can create the buzz about your marketing events.

Launch a Facebook event, a tweetup, post videos and pictures on Youtube or Pinterest in order to lay down a challenge for your followers or just for your teasing. Opportunities are countless and we can forge them hand in hand.