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Public Relations

Sofrance Refines Your Image

You are a brand willing to strengthen your presence in the United States? Sofrance helps you to reach this goal through Public Relations. With our experience in brand promotion, we will guide you to arouse the interest and favor the good relations with your audience. We personalize your communication with various tools: newsletters, companies meetings, press releases and conferences, flyers, websites, videos, opinion intermediary on Internet, events. Sofrance guarantees getting your word out respecting your company’s values.

Public relations coordination

Our experience in events planning and business-to-business communication combine with our wide network of professional contacts in the United States allows us to coordinate efficiently your conferences and the diffusion of your communication platforms.

Our knowledge of the area facilitates our selection of: venues, international journalists (expert in your field), potential sponsors, Media and guest speakers. This experience also emphasizes our influence and lobbying on these different actors.

Composition and elaboration of your communication platforms

We accompany you in each step of the redaction and diffusion of your press kit, newsletters and flyers… Our bilingual team takes care of the writing in French and English, contributes to the elaboration of all your communication platforms and assures their production and distribution. Our knowledge of both French and American Culture helps us to figure out the methods to adopt in order to reach journalists and audience overseas.