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Brand Promotion

Your Brand Platform

Event Marketing: the foundation of our strategic evaluation process.

Unlike traditional Medias (TV, Radio) or mass-marketing programs, Event Marketing targets individuals or groups in the search for unique events and one in a lifetime experiences. Sofrance commits to create a personalized platform to promote your brand based on the media Event and Public Relations available in New York and countrywide. Sofrance is engaged in understanding your brand, its purpose and values in order to build a unique positioning and a strong identity to conquer the American audience.

Event Marketing for Business

Sofrance considers the Media Event as your brand image in business world. Your brand platform will be personalized and built as an essential tool to establish a relationship with your audience, appeal potential customers, strengthen your customers’ loyalty and increase your global sales process.


We have a wide network of professional contacts; we can select, inform and invite customers, prescribers, experts… in connection with our operations.


We establish a strategic consideration in order to find the ideas which will impact most your target: from a gala evening to a concert through tasting parties, we imagine with you the marketing events that enhance your brand image, product or service


Sofrance has a strong experience in planning and coordinating events. We create your event from A to Z. We take in charge every logistical aspect, the guests welcome, the staff management and the technical design.


Sofrance provides you with 10 years of experience in event production. We integrate various talents (artistic director, designers, technicians…) who will contribute to content creation, realize your event and insure success.