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Sofrance in Paris

Based in Paris for more than 10 years, our French team provides you with its entire expertise in order to make you discover all the aspects of the City of Lights. The capital contains numerous treasures, either historical or gastronomic. Our goal is for you to take full advantage of what this city can offer, both for your business travels and your marketing events. With over a decade in the area Sofrance symbolizes the French Touch, thus being much more attractive for foreign markets, specifically for the United States and New York City. With offices in Paris as well as in New York there is a strong link between French companies and the American market, benefiting your networking reach in both cultures.

From Paris to New York

Organizing an event is no simple task: jetlag, language barriers, differences between cultures, law and contract formation, are just a few of the obstacles you will encounter. However, with more than fifteen years of experience in both countries, we can provide services that will help you negotiate, verify and coordinate your providers’ actions according to your expectations.

Thanks to our team presence in both cultures we are able to manage your different operations assuring you the best coordination possible.